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The clients had purchased this converted barn about 5 months, prior to our initial meeting. They had moved from Corfu and therefore used to plenty of light and bright colour in the garden. They wanted to be able to inject some of that colour and feel in to their new English country garden and be able to use it as a place for outdoor entertaining. As the primary rooms in the house look directly out onto the garden, it was important to provide year round interest.

The key feature of the garden is a very pretty natural pond, the banks already well stocked with plants and a Swamp cypress tree, growing at the water’s edge.

However, it was beginning to look tired and was time for a few changes and enter a new chapter of its evolution, under new ownership.

The terrace off the back of the barn, was rather small and needed to increase in size to meet the client’s requirements and provide a decent space to take a large outdoor dining table and chairs, as well as a barbeque.

A sense of increased privacy from the neighbouring property was required. But it had to be achieved in such a way that it provided more screening, but not too overpowering and fitted in with the feel of the garden.

This needed to be made more interesting and provide year round interest and plenty of colour and Lavender… lots of it!

The terrace was squared off and made a bit deeper to accommodate the outdoor dining furniture. The path leading from the back door to the annexe was also widened, using the same materials; i.e. York stone and old bricks.

Screening was created, by planting a row of pleached pear trees; Pyrus Chanticleer, along the boundary. Very old and out of hand rambling roses, were pruned and tied in, against the fence. The effect created has now provided a beautiful screen of approx. 4 metres. The pears produce white blossom in spring, followed by ornamental fruit in late summer. In Autumn, the leaves turn the most beautiful shades of gold and copper and in winter, the tracery of the bare stems are on show. This is also is off added benefit to the neighbours!

A new long border was created to meet up with some existing shrubs further down the fence line. The mature box balls, were lifted and re planted, evenly spaced along the length of the border and the added combination of roses and perennials. Spring bulbs will be planted this coming Autumn 2016.

A small bed was created, alongside the path to the annexe, edged in low box hedging to echo the use of the box balls opposite. The magnolia, as lovely as it is, was in the wrong spot, so transplanted from the lawn, into this bed to act as a centre piece and in time will create a wonderful canopy, branching out both over the path and into the the garden. It has been under-planted with roses and perennials, again to echo the planting in the long border. The much desired lavender hedge was planted parallel to the side of the Annexe and opposite along the edge of the terrace.

All these elements have provided the structure, colour and entertaining space that my clients were keen to achieve.

"Catherine is the real deal. Getting a garden designer was never in our plans, but a local gardener suggested we check her out since everything about our garden was wrong.

Creative, intelligent and highly resourceful is how I would describe Catherine and her approach to turning our patch into a place of enchantment. The research she brought to her job attested to hours of preparation with pen and paper and the all important encyclopedia of plants.

What I enjoyed the most is that my ideas about what should be planted and where were easily incorporated into the overall plan. Such a delight to work alongside a professional as opposed to being told what to do.

My husband who questions the cost of a brick was pleasantly surprised at Catherine’s rates. We rate Catherine a five star and highly recommend her approach to making a garden magical."

Mrs Matthews
Northiam, East Sussex

More portfolio studies coming soon...

The Portfolio above shows a small percentage of the gardens I have created. We will be adding more to this section soon but in the meantime you can contact me to arrange a meeting if you would like to see more examples of my work.

Please contact me for an initial, no obligation chat if you would like to talk about your garden. I do understand how personal garden design can be and I would be more than happy to talk about your ideas and vision. Just email me, call me or message me on Facebook if you would like to book an appointment.

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