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Having completed the majority of the garden design and planting for this property back in 2008, my clients requested that I could come up with an interesting design for their courtyard area. This is a key space used for parking, turning and access to the barns.

It was to create a space of interest, be attractive as well as functional and practical.

Positioned in the orchard below is a telegraph pole which needed to be concealed/detracted from as much as possible.

The area was made up of concrete hard standing and some old raised beds, standing on a base of old bricks that were subsiding. The area is surrounded by the house and barns on three sides and a drop down to the orchard on the fourth.

Not only did this space need to be practical, but also attractive on the eye. The concept of a riverbed was born. To create an area of calm and tranquillity, providing colour, shape and form. Tar and stone chip was laid within the parking area. The galvanised troughs were re planted with a limited palette to reflect the main planting opposite.

A raised bed was constructed using green oak timbers, that have been used elsewhere in the garden. It was about clean lines and shapes, clothed with a layer of softer planting. The ‘River’ was created by planting a succession of blue flowering plants; alliums in spring, Iris sibirica in early summer and Agapanthus in high to late summer. This winds its way through varying sized clipped yew and box balls, that act as the ‘boulders’. It is enclosed within a screen of woven green oak and pleached pears, to conceal the telegraph pole beyond.

Both down lighters and directional spot lights were incorporated into the design, to add further interest after dark and a way of providing light within the parking area. The final pieces were items found on the farm; an old mill stone and an old iron water trough.

"Catherine has undertaken 2 jobs for us, the most recent in the summer of 2015. We enjoyed working with her and she came up with great ideas which she was very flexible on adapting to tie in with our thoughts. She worked well with the contractor and was very conscientious during the construction phase. We are thrilled with the finished product which a year later is flourishing. We rate her very highly, she is a delight to work with and we are also impressed by her "after care" service. We recommend her highly."

Mr and Mrs Roberts
Wadhurst, East Sussex

More portfolio studies coming soon...

The Portfolio above shows a small percentage of the gardens I have created. We will be adding more to this section soon but in the meantime you can contact me to arrange a meeting if you would like to see more examples of my work.

Please contact me for an initial, no obligation chat if you would like to talk about your garden. I do understand how personal garden design can be and I would be more than happy to talk about your ideas and vision. Just email me, call me or message me on Facebook if you would like to book an appointment.

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